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4 matters needing attention when the fixed lifting platform is placed for a long time

by:Powerston     2021-10-01
The fixed hydraulic lifting platform and the lifting cage cargo lifting platform (hereinafter collectively referred to as the lifting platform) are simple to operate and easy to use. Many companies have already purchased lifting platforms. In the process of use, they have improved work efficiency and saved time and effort. However, sometimes they are required Long-term placement, such as when the lifting platform may not be used temporarily, what are the precautions when the lifting platform is placed for a long time? The following is the introduction of the Bali lifting platform. 1. The long-term placement of the lifting platform will cause hydraulic oil transformation, if the temperature is below zero , To open the fuel tank, often investigate whether the hydraulic oil is metamorphosed, transpired, and deposited. Hydraulic oil is one of the main sources of power for the lifting of the lifting platform. It should not be ignored; pay attention to the lifting platform for a long time. When the temperature drops below zero, replace it in time Hydraulic oil. Every time when refueling and changing oil, it must be filtered with an oil filter screen of 80 mesh or more, and the oil tank must be cleaned when replacing. Wenshao Platform Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds us that the frequency of hydraulic oil replacement is once every six months, if it is used If the frequency is exceptionally high, it can be shortened. The oil temperature of the lifting platform is usually between 10 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. 2. The lifting platform will be smooth and poor when it is placed for a long time. The lifting platform should be used for normal lifting twice a month, and do it. Normal smooth maintenance operations. If the electric lifting platform should be started once at a time, the air nut should be opened during use, the switch on the oil collecting block should be turned on, the power supply should be plugged in, and the quick connector should be placed on the lifting platform interface to output hydraulic oil With the increase of the load, it will pressurize itself to perform various operations until 63MPA. After the operation is completed, turn on the switch to unload, and after the hydraulic oil is returned to the oil, remove the quick connector sleeve, screw the bleed nut, remove the power supply, and turn it off. Switch. 3. Long-term placement of the lifting platform will cause the tire to deform. It will be stored for a long time in the warehouse. Its weight is completely accepted by the four wheels. The rubber tire will be deformed due to excessive pressure and it is not easy to recover elasticity. So it is parked for a long time. At time, the four supporting legs of the lifting platform should be opened to avoid tire deformation. Recommended reading: hydraulic lifting platform manufacturer’s suggestion: hydraulic lifting platform cleaning cylinder needs attention 4. Long-term placement of the lifting platform will cause oxidation between the pins and formation Aging. The smoothness of the machinery should be well protected. The smooth oil in the motor of the machinery and equipment will be touched and oxidized, which will cause insufficient smoothness, which will cause damage to the equipment. It should be regularly maintained and protected by adding smooth oil every month. At the time of use, First of all, check whether the line is normal, whether it is aging, check the hydraulic oil pipe and hydraulic cylinder, and investigate whether there is oil leakage.
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