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A brief description of the working principle of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-11
A brief description of the working principle of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform: the working pressure of the hydraulic system is 16mpa, which mainly includes the hydraulic pump station, the emergency pump oil circuit, the platform lifting oil circuit and the outrigger telescopic oil circuit. The oil pump station drives the oil pump through the control valve and pipeline actuators (construction lift cylinder and outrigger cylinder); the emergency pump oil circuit is when the engine fails and the vehicle has no power source, an electric emergency engine is required. After the failure, the whole vehicle has no power source, so an electric emergency pump needs to be used to lower the platform, unload the goods, and retract the outriggers to tow the vehicle away; the lifting cage oil circuit is to use two lifting cylinders to construction lift the platform and the goods in the loading and unloading state. and lower. The bracket is pulled up by the chain with a vertical cylinder arrangement. The outrigger telescopic oil circuit is connected in parallel with four outrigger cylinders, and the outriggers are retracted when the outriggers extend and walk when loading and unloading goods. The loading and unloading platform has ingenious structure design, safe use, and high degree of mechanization, which reduces labor intensity. In the design of the lifting system, the mature hydraulic and electronic control components of domestic construction machinery are applied, and the reliability and maintainability are very high and meet the design requirements.
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