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Accidents preventive measures for construction elevator

Accidents preventive measures for construction elevator


1.   Inspection of frame structure:  check the fastness of the connecting bolts between the standard section and the foundation, and whether the nut is loose. Check the welding quality of each part, check whether the attachment bar is set in strict accordance with the instructions, and check whether its fastening method and connection mode are correct.

2.   Check fence doors: check whether the fence door is installed with mechanical interlocks and whether the interlocks are effective.

3.   Check parking floors. effective safety protection doors should be set up at each docking floor of the construction lift. Construction enterprises must strengthen the management of safety protection doors.

4.   Check the transmission system:  check whether there is oil leakage of the gearbox, check the gap of the belt to ensure that it is controlled in the range of 0.2mm-0.5 mm. Check the mesh gap, the best gap is about 2 mm. check the wear degree of gear and rack, to avoid excessive axial dislocation, reduce transmission strength, leading to broken teeth accident.

In short, the elevator in the process of operation, must maintain a steady, vibration is not obvious, no noise.

5.   Check limit switches: In the daily inspection, must focus on the management of lift safety switch, develop strict inspection system and equipment maintenance system, to ensure the effectiveness of safety switch, is strictly prohibited in the safety facilities are not perfect use of lifts for human transport, to prevent the occurrence of safe construction.

6.   Check the top control box of the cage. When removing or repairing the top control box of the cage, the lift can only run at a low speed.

7.   Inspection of circuit protection. The operation of construction elevator without protection device or failure of protection device will easily lead to the occurrence of safe construction. Then most maintenance personnel, in the elevator guarantee device failure after the first reaction is not as soon as possible to check and remove the repair, but directly to the protection device short connection or cancel processing, making the equipment safety hidden danger increased greatly.

8.   Check the performance of the anti-falling safety device. The anti-falling safety device plays an important role in the safety protection of the construction elevator, so it must pass the strict test before leaving the factory, and the qualified test report issued by the legal inspection organization can be put into use. At the same time, the relevant regulations also require that the construction lift in use must be a fall test every three months, after the one-year validity period of the anti-fall safety device inspection, must be timely submitted for inspection.

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