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Advantages of factory direct sales of electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-10
The advantages of direct sales of electric lifting platform manufacturers are as follows-eliminating the need for intermediaries to make the difference and directly transferring profits to users, because in the fierce market competition, only small profits but quick turnover can expand the brand's market share and increase market awareness. 2. platform The factory direct sales system is more convenient for manufacturers to manage after-sales. If the quality of equipment is unstable, the customer hopes that the local after-sales psychology will feel guaranteed, but the lifting cage platform equipment is a very mature lifting tool with stable quality and almost no frequent door-to-door maintenance. Service. So this is more conducive to manufacturers' management of sales. Third, the lifting platform factory direct sales nationwide production and wholesale, more intuitive, making users feel more reliable, purchase directly from the manufacturer, the price is preferential, and the profit is great. If you have any problems, please find the manufacturer at any time, eliminating the need for intermediate turnover, and the service is more rapid and thoughtful. Fourth, let our manufacturers more accurately control the market sales and services of the lifting platform. We advocate the establishment of a good dealer channel cooperation relationship. But for end users, we hope to cooperate for a long time.
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