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Advantages of frequency conversion building hoist elevator

Advantages of frequency conversion building hoist elevator


The functions of rising, falling and stopping of ordinary lifts are realized by contact-relay control, and the speed is not easy to control, the instant impact of starting and stopping is large, the damage to the mechanical structure and mechanism is more serious. The running speed is not adjustable, which affects the benefit of construction enterprises, and the parking stability is not good.

Adopting frequency conversion control, it can realize step less speed regulation in the process of starting, accelerating, decelerating and braking of the construction elevator, reduce the impact of the motor on the mechanical system when starting and stopping, improve the stability and comfort of the construction elevator during operation, extend the service life of the construction elevator, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

Advantages of frequency conversion control for building hoist: 1. Soft start: compared with the power frequency starting mode, the frequency converter control can reduce the vibration and impact of the mechanical part, saving the maintenance cost for the user and stable operation. 2. Stable braking: with the help of the braking unit, the braking is stable and accurate, and there is no "slipping" phenomenon. High starting torque adopts high performance control mode, torque lifting is adjustable, and low frequency band provides stable high output torque. 3. Safety: frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted to ensure smooth operation of the motor, improve operating efficiency, improve overload operation, eliminate braking impact, reduce electrical maintenance, and reduce energy consumption.4. Reliability: perfect reliability design scheme: such as redundant design, derating  design, etc., all components adopt industrial or military grade; Specialized production platform, so as to ensure the reliability of the whole machine.

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