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Advantages of mobile electric lifts over scaffolding

by:Powerston     2021-05-26
The mobile electric elevator is a kind of equipment for high-altitude operations. It has the characteristics of convenient movement, large weight, and safe use. Now many projects use this type of equipment when installing or welding at high altitudes. Compared with the previous use of scaffolding, elevators What are the advantages? First of all, the movement of the lifting equipment is very convenient. It does not need to be disassembled and assembled. It only needs to be lifted when used. The scaffolding needs to be assembled one by one. If the height is higher, the risk will increase. There is another feature of using scaffolding. It just can't bear the weight, and only the staff can work up and down. The maximum height of the Tianhong construction lift can reach 16 meters, and the weighing weight is also very large, and it can carry goods or tools for operation. Although they belong to high-altitude operations, if it is an ordinary house that is only two or three meters, the use of scaffolding is relatively low in cost, and it is also more convenient to build, while some relatively high and larger locations require the use of lifting cage equipment. Convenient, the cost of using lifting equipment for larger projects will also be reduced, and lifting cage equipment can be purchased or leased.
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