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Advantages of steel painted suspension platform

Advantages of steel painted suspension platform


Steel painted suspension platform is easy to install, it can help to save time, enhance labor productivity. Compared with other scaffolds, the erection of steel painted suspension platform is very convenient and fast in the construction of high-rise building external wall. It reduces the labor intensity of the worker, raised labor efficiency. Steel painted suspended platform is easy to operate and convenient to use. It is driven by electric power, workers click the handle switch to control its lifting.

The suspended platform is produced in accordance with the relevant national industry standards, it is safe. Compared with the steel tube scaffoldings, it  can shorten the construction period, reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency more than three times, save more than 50% of the cost.

Steel painted working platform  can reach other places where the scaffold cannot be erected and the personnel cannot touch. It has no bearing requirement on the wall, and no need to repair the wall after removal, which is different from traditional scaffoldings .

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