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After-sales service commitment letter of mechanical lifting cargo lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-15
For the products of the machinery company, we make the following commitments to the after-sales service of the products: 1. After the installation and commissioning of the lifting cargo lifting cage platform and the lifting cargo lifting platform are completed and delivered to the user for use, the warranty is free according to the contract requirements during the warranty period. 2. The machinery is guaranteed to be installed and maintained by professional installers with installation permits, and full-time inspectors are equipped for acceptance. 3. After the installation and commissioning are qualified, the supplier will be responsible for management. 4. During the warranty period, spare parts are provided free of charge (except for man-made damage), and spare parts are provided at the ex-factory price for a long time. 5. The company provides all-day technical services during working hours. Under normal circumstances, arrive at the scene within 24 hours (in the province) after receiving the notice for repairs, except outside the province (arrive at the scene within 2 days). 6. Take the initiative to conduct comprehensive technical safety inspections and tests on the hydraulic cargo lifting platform once a year, assist in the annual inspection of the quality inspection department and be responsible for the implementation of rectification projects, and ensure that the operation license is obtained. 7. The after-sales service department of the lifting cargo lifting platform manufacturer will contact you within three months from the date of installation to conduct a return visit satisfaction survey. 8. If you are dissatisfied or have objections to the after-sales service of the machinery, you can directly call the complaint hotline, and the installation and maintenance department will deal with and solve it in a timely and serious manner to ensure user satisfaction. The products of the lifting goods lifting platform produced are specially designed and manufactured according to the domestic operating environment on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and the products conform to the national standard JB/T9229.1-9229.3-1999. Every little thing of yours is a major mechanical thing! China's lifting cargo lifting platform manufacturers, dedicated to mobile lifting cage platforms, self-propelled aerial lifting cage platforms, fixed lifting platforms, rail-type lifting cargo lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, cylinder lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, vehicle-mounted There are ten series of hydraulic lifting platform products such as vertical lifting platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting platform, lifting platform, unloading platform, etc. All products of the company meet the relevant technical standards of the country and the industry. Customer satisfaction has always been our eternal pursuit.
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