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Aging problem of lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-23
In addition to the maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic lifting platform, it is actually inevitable to age. Now with the continuous increase in the number of lifting cage platforms, there will be a tide of maintenance for the lifting platform, because the time of the aging parts of the hydraulic lifting platform is not It's the same, so the good result for the lifting platform is to use the durable place to be disabled, and then enter the ranks of scrapped. The first aging part of the hydraulic lifting platform is the sealing ring, which needs to be replaced once in one year or three years. The oil pipeline is also prone to damage. The lifting platform thinks that it is often subjected to the outward force of pressure, so in 3 There will be cracks and oil leakage in about a year, and sometimes pipe guide rail construction lift platforms may burst. The next aging may be the individual bearings, which are responsible for linking and operating the transformants of various components, which will be under great pressure. For safety, move the lifting platform. When the hydraulic lifting cage platform has passed its service life, the manufacturer of the lifting platform does not recommend you to use it again.
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