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Analysis and Research on the Force of the Shell of Electric Lift

by:Powerston     2021-06-07
Through the experimental research on the stress and strain distribution of the shell of the electric elevator, the distribution law of the stress and strain on the shell surface is obtained, so as to provide technical support for the optimization design of the shell, and the application of the electrical measurement method in engineering is explained. The stress and strain analysis of the shell of electric elevator. Allowable stress Preface In the electromechanical engineering test technology, the application of stress and strain measurement technology is extremely wide. For some situations, such as irregular geometric shapes of components or complex forces, there is no applicable theory for stress calculation. At this time, the use of experimental stress analysis methods such as electrical measurement to directly measure the stress of the component becomes an effective method. For theoretical calculations or numerical calculations obtained after major simplifications, the reliability of the results depends more on the verification of experimental stress analysis. Experimental stress analysis can verify and improve design quality, safety and reliability of engineering structures, and can meet the requirements of reducing material consumption, reducing production costs and saving energy. It can also provide a basis for the development of new theories, the design of new structures and the application of new materials. A new product under development-aluminum alloy elevator as an example, the sample has been processed, but due to the complex structure, there is no applicable theory for stress calculation, and the sample cannot be destructively tested, so it was decided to use the electrical measurement method to measure the shell. The stress distribution of the points on the body surface in order to further optimize the design of the shell. The shell of the product is stamped from aluminum alloy, and the shape of the shell is shown in Figure 1. The inner shell and the outer shell are connected together by bolts, and the steel wire rope loop is hung on the middle protruding cylindrical part, which is suspended by the lifting cage ring. The heavy object is hoisted by the hook, its gravity is transmitted to the control handle through gear transmission, and the lifting cage is controlled by the control handle. There are many stress points on the shell of electric elevator, which belong to a statically indeterminate structure. The load acts in the vertical direction and is not in the same plane. The theoretical analysis is difficult. According to the force direction, it is estimated that the position of the dangerous point should be in the longitudinal or vertical direction. Horizontal centerline.
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