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Analysis of Safety Device of Lifting Platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-15
News of accidents on hydraulic lifting platforms occur from time to time, causing users of hydraulic lifting platforms to doubt the safety of hydraulic lifting platforms. In order to meet the user's concern, today, the editor will introduce the safety protection device for hydraulic lifting.  The lifting platform driven by the rack of the governor is equipped with a cone-drum speed to prevent the platform from falling. It can be divided into one-way type and two-way type. The one-way speed can only limit the speed in the descending direction of the platform, while the two-way speed can limit the speed in the two directions of the platform. When the gear reaches the rated speed limit, the centrifugal block in the rotating speed pushes the brake wheel under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, and gradually increases the braking torque until the working cage is on the rail. When the speed is close to braking, the guide plate cuts off the power to drive the hydraulic press. After each action, the speed must be reset and the electromagnetic brake of the transmission mechanism must be confirmed to be reliable before it can work again. The buffer spring of the chassis at the bottom of the lifting platform is equipped with buffer springs to reduce the impact of the cage when the cage falls, and at the same time to ensure the flexible contact between the cage and the chassis when landing. When the cage hits the ground, their impact is also Will become more intense.  The cushion spring has a conical coil spring and a cylindrical coil spring. Generally, two parallel coil springs are installed on the chassis, corresponding to each cage. There are also four cylindrical coil springs.  In order to prevent the platform from exceeding the required stop position, the upper and lower adjustments are carried out). The device is installed on the track frame and platform and belongs to the automatic gearbox type. The device is caused by the driver's gearbox and electrical failure, caused by continuous rise or fall. Upper and lower limit values u200bu200bWhen the up and down rotation does not work, when the lifting cage platform exceeds the limit switch and limit switch (this means that the safety distance between the limit switch and the limit switch, the power supply can be cut off in time to stop the cage. platform It is a kind of lifting cage machinery that vertically transports people or objects. It also refers to equipment for vertical transportation in logistics systems such as factories, automatic warehouses, etc. The lifting platform is often equipped with various flat transportation equipment as the connection of different heights of transportation lines. Device. It is generally hydraulically driven, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to being used for cargo transportation of different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations. The limitation is a non-automatic reset type, and only the action after manual reset can be used. The platform restarts. The limit device is installed on the rail frame. The safety hook safety hook is designed to prevent the platform from reaching the predetermined position. Due to various reasons, the upper limit and upper limit of the safety hook cannot be operated in time. The hydraulic lifting platform is driven by a steel wire rope. Mostly used for transporting goods. It consists of a tower, a hanging basket, a hoist, etc. The tower is generally a truss structure, which is pulled by cables to keep it upright. The hanging basket is welded with profiled steel and is a container for loading goods. The hoist is fixed on the ground. , The steel wire rope goes around the pulley on the top of the tower to connect with the gondola, and the gondola is pulled up and down, and the operator controls it on the ground. If the platform continues to run upwards, it will cause the platform to hit the top of the rail frame and tip over. The safety hook is installed An important and last safety device on the upper part of the cage. When the platform rises to the top of the rail frame, the rail frame can be hung up safely to ensure that the platform will not tip over.   Emergency switch is in the process of platform operation In the event of an emergency of various reasons, the driver can press the emergency switch at any time to close the cage and stop the operation of the cage. The lifting cage platform is a lifting machine that vertically transports people or objects. It also refers to logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses. In the vertical conveying equipment, the lifting platform is often equipped with various flat conveying equipment as the connecting device of the conveying lines at different heights. It is generally hydraulically driven, so it is called the hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to being used for conveying goods of different heights, it is widely used Used in high-altitude installation, maintenance, etc. The emergency stop switch must be a non-automatic safety device installed on the top of the platform and beside the controller.
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