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Analysis of small faults that are not easy to detect on the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-01
The lifting platform adopts hydraulic system as the power, which overcomes the shortcomings of small load capacity and narrow table surface. It is deeply loved by people in workshop production and logistics centers. The lifting platform is easy to operate and easy to use, but pay attention to the small size that is not easily noticeable in use. malfunction. 1. Tilting of the platform surface: The platform surface of the lifting platform is allowed to have a slight tilt, and it is easy to 'slip' in the eyes of the tilt. However, if the amplitude is too large, problems are prone to occur. The main reasons for the tilt of the platform are: Put the goods in the middle of the countertop. ② If the foundation is not level, the ground can be leveled. ③If the pin is broken, check the connection part and repair it in time. 2. Slow lifting of the lifting platform: There are many reasons for the slow work of the construction lift ① The lift is overloaded with cargo, which will not only cause slow lifting, but also have safety hazards, which is not necessary. ② Seals such as oil pipes or oil seals are blocked, which will easily bring a serious burden to the hydraulic system of the lifting cage platform and shorten the service life of the lifting platform. Therefore, timely investigation should be done. ③The lubricity between the parts of the lifting platform is not good. It is very normal for the platform to lack grease, and the lubrication should be done in time.
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