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Analysis of the advantages of mobile lifting platform drive design

by:Powerston     2021-05-30
The mobile lifting platform may not be very familiar to us. But it plays an extremely important role in our daily lives. platform manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction to the working principle of the drive design of the mobile lifting platform so that the majority of mobile construction lift users will better understand the benefits of the drive design of the electric construction lift. When the hydraulic lifting platform falls, there are two driving methods. One is to use a hydraulic cylinder to pressurize and fall. This method is generally to lay the hydraulic cylinder flat, and one end of the piston rod is used when no external force is applied when it falls; the other is The self-weight of the piston rod and the external force exerted by one end make the hydraulic cylinder return oil and the piston rod falls. Here I adopt the second method, which can save a lot of power and a lot of mechanical equipment, which conforms to my design principles. Secondly, because the plunger hydraulic cylinder relies on its own weight when it is lowered, during use, there will be a phenomenon of upward or downward drift when the mobile lifting platform is in a certain position. The main reason is when the spool valve is in the neutral position. , Over time, there will be varying degrees of upward or downward drift. When there is upward pressure, it will move upward; when there is no pressure, it will move downward due to its own weight. Moreover, this phenomenon will gradually aggravate under the long-term high-pressure impact, which increases the factor of equipment insecurity, and this layout needs to be improved. Generally speaking, it is technically possible to manufacture a hydraulically controlled check valve with almost zero leakage. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of downward drift. When the upper cavity of the hydraulic cylinder enters the lower cavity and drains the oil, the first consideration. Under the action of hydraulic pressure and the dead weight of the steel frame of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod retracts into the cylinder, so that the end of the steel frame and the roller move away from the center of the bottom bridge. The movable lifting platform is lowered, and the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled. The telescopic length controls the lifting height position of the mobile lifting cage platform. The mobile lifting platform has a unique and reasonable drive design structure and strong stability, so it is purchased by the majority of users. It is these excellent features that make the development prospects of mobile elevators infinite.
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