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Analysis of the cause of the failure of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-30
Analysis of the reasons for the failure of the lifting platform The lifting platform is used in more and more high-rise building space construction and implementation, and it has gradually occupied an indispensable position. So what caused the failure encountered by the device? The common faults after lifting the platform are nothing more than the lifting platform workbench is unable to lift or can not rise and the lifting cage platform naturally descends, and each fault has its own reason. There are several reasons for the first construction lift failure phenomenon. The first is because of overloading, that is, the amount of goods placed on the lifting cage platform exceeds the limit. The second is that the oil return valve is not closed. If the oil valve is not closed, the oil supply will plummet. The third is that the one-way valve of the hand pump is stuck and cannot return normally. This problem needs to unscrew the oil pump valve port bolts for maintenance, cleaning or replacement of clean hydraulic oil. The fourth is the serious oil leakage of the manual pump and gear pump. This needs to be eliminated by replacing the oil pump sealing ring. The fifth is that the gear pump is damaged, and the pressure oil cannot be pumped out. Just replace the gear pump. The sixth is the insufficient supply of hydraulic oil to add enough hydraulic oil. The seventh is the circuit break. Check and repair button contactors and fuses. The eighth is the filter clogging. Just replace or clean. The ninth is the failure of the support valve or electromagnetic reversing valve. The malfunctioning valve needs to be repaired or replaced. The reason for the second type of failure is the leakage of the one-way valve, the loose sealing of the lowering valve and the leakage of the cylinder. The method to be eliminated is to check the one-way valve in the valve group. If there is dirt on the sealing surface of the one-way valve, clean the one-way valve; check whether the down valve has electricity, if there is no electricity, remove the drop valve itself. In case of failure, the slide valve of the descending valve must be kept clean to ensure flexible movement; replace the cylinder seal.
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