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Analysis of the future trend of electric elevators

by:Powerston     2021-06-06
The elevator industry in my country has gradually developed into a high-tech industry integrating Ru0026D, production, sales, installation and service from simple maintenance and maintenance of electric elevators. According to statistics, by the end of 2004, the total number of elevators in use in Mainland China reached 651,794. my country's electric elevator industry can only carry out basic maintenance and maintenance of elevators. Slowly develop into a high-tech industry integrating production, manufacturing, sales, scientific research, installation and service. According to incomplete statistics, the number of lifts currently in use in my country has reached 7,000. Industry insiders say that my country's electric elevator market is far from saturated and has become the largest market for elevators in the world. Due to the impact of the development of real estate, urban public construction and other industries, it is expected that in the next 5 years, my country's elevator will continue to increase at a rate of 25% per year. At present, my country's elevators have sincerely attracted the attention of almost all elevator manufacturers in the world. With the rapid development of computers, the Internet has provided a platform for global elevator corporate fighters to communicate. In 2011, the sales of the global lifting cage platform market in China accounted for 35%, ranking first in the world. Although the sales of electric lifts have declined due to the shrinking real estate industry in 2011, the overseas market for electric lifts continues to expand. Domestic brands have maintained a strong momentum of development. At the same time, the structural adjustment of Chinese construction lift products has accelerated. In 2011, China's electric lifts Although the output fluctuates slightly, China's local electric elevator companies are undergoing the test and ushered in the first severe winter in the history of China's elevator development. All large, medium and small elevator companies have made their best efforts to survive this severe winter. Although this winter is cold, it is a positive advancement for accelerating the integration of China's electric elevator industry, improving corporate competitiveness, and further adapting to the international market. With the continuous maturity of the electric lifting cage platform industry and the continuous advancement of elevator technology, the competition in the lifting platform market has become increasingly fierce. All aspects of the elevator market demonstrate the prosperity of the elevator industry. Safety, reliability, and practicality are our consistent pursuit, and the lifting equipment is worry-free, rest assured, and more secure! Integrity management and quality first are our tenet. We will provide you with the most assured products and the best service at the most favorable price! Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit! Warmly welcome your call! For more details, please consult the 24-hour service hotline: 18663772808 Manager Zhu
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