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Analyze the correct maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform cylinders

by:Powerston     2021-07-16
First of all, the hydraulic oil should be replaced during the use of the cylinder, and the screen of the system should be cleaned to ensure replacement and prolong service life. The hydraulic docking bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function enables a bridge between the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse. The forklift and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the truck for bulk loading and unloading through it. Called the loading and unloading platform. platform is a kind of lifting machinery that vertically transports people or objects. It also refers to the equipment for vertical transportation in logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses. The lifting cage platform is often equipped with a variety of flat transportation equipment as a connecting device for conveyor lines of different heights. It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to transporting goods at different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations. The hydraulic lifting platform is driven by steel wire ropes and is mostly used to transport goods. It is composed of tower, hanging basket, hoist, etc. The tower is generally a truss structure, which is pulled by cables to keep it upright. The hanging basket is welded with section steel and is a container for loading goods. The hoist is fixed on the ground, the wire rope is connected to the gondola through the pulley on the top of the tower, and the gondola is pulled to run up and down, and the operator controls it on the ground. Second, each time the cylinder is used, it needs to perform 5 full-telescopic test runs, and then load operation. Why are you doing this? In this way, air can be discharged from the system, and each system can effectively prevent the presence of air or water in the system, causing a gas explosion (or temperature change) phenomenon in the cylinder block, which will endanger the seal and cause problems such as cylinder leakage. Third, the temperature of the control system is good. Excessive oil temperature will reduce the service life of the seal, and long-term high oil temperature will cause permanent deformation of the seal, or even complete failure. Fourth, protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent the influence of heavy oil on the seals, and often clean the dust ring part of the cylinder dynamic seal and the deposits on the exposed piston rod. Prevent dirt that is difficult to clean on the surface of the piston rod from entering the cylinder to damage the piston, cylinder or seal. Fifth, check the threads, bolts and other connecting parts frequently, and find that they are loose immediately. Sixth, the joints are often trimmed to prevent rust or abnormal wear in an oil-free state.
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