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Anti-collision measures of electro-hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-03
As an aerial work platform, the electro-hydraulic lifting platform can help people improve efficiency and convenience. However, the hydraulic lifting platform is not omnipotent, and it may cause damage to some impacts. We need to pay attention to this point. In order to allow friends to better use the hydraulic lifting cage platform, today, the editor introduces the anti-collision measures of the hydraulic lifting platform. When we use the hydraulic lifting platform, under normal circumstances, friends will choose anti-collision glue to protect the hydraulic lifting platform. The use of anti-collision glue can effectively protect the platform or train from damage. This is because the anti-collision glue has good impact resistance, so when the impact is generated, it can be absorbed by it. In addition, the anti-collision glue can also limit the distance between the truck and the platform, so as to ensure the normal use of the lifting components matched with the platform. In order to achieve a more ideal use effect, the anti-collision glue and the hydraulic lifting cage platform must be firmly installed together. Moreover, when choosing anti-collision rubber products, the form and thickness should also be determined according to the actual use requirements. Generally, anti-collision rubber with a thickness of 10 cm can ensure the safety of the hydraulic lifting cage platform.
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