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Anti-derailment measures for lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-27
Anti-derailment measures for the lifting platform An anti-derailment device for the lifting platform, including a mounting plate and a sensor, the mounting plate is fixed on the lifting platform cage or the driving device, the sensor is fixed on the mounting plate, and the sensing end of the sensor is facing the metal of the lifting platform rail frame The component is equipped with a mounting plate and sensor on the top of the lifting platform cage or the driving device, and a mounting plate and sensor at the bottom of the lifting platform cage. The signal output lines of the two sensors are connected to the control device. The sensor is a proximity switch. The utility model is equipped with a sensor at the top and bottom of the lifting platform. The sensor is used to detect the metal object directly in front of it, so as to detect whether the lifting platform is still within the range of the guide rail. If one of the sensors does not detect For the guide rail, there is a control system to cut off the power of the lifting platform to prevent the lifting cage platform from derailing. Installation steps and methods 1. Installation of the underframe (base) of the lifting platform and leveling of the level. Place the self-elevating platform in place so that the center line of the sleeve frame coincides with the center line of the column. 2. Install the pole on the jack-up platform, and put the wire rope on. Install the first set of uprights, put the standard section into the frame, and connect with the base bolts. Adjust the column track surface clearance to be controlled within 1985mm, and the verticality deviation should be ≤1.5‰. 3. Place the hoisting pulley on the top of the installed two uprights, and thread the hoisting wire rope. Use an electric winch to construction lift the jack-up platform. Retract the telescopic card to the locked position until the bottom of the telescopic card is flush with the first grid on the top surface of the column, reset the telescopic card board, relax the lifting wire rope, remove the lifting pulley and place it on the platform. 4. Use the rod to install the second group of standard sections. Before tightening the bolts, ensure that the first group and the second group are on the same vertical line, and the deviation of the joints is less than 0.5mm, and then place the lifting pulley on the top of the second group of standard sections. , Put on the hoisting wire rope. Install and fix the weight beam. 5. Install the reinforced diagonal brace, and tighten the connecting bolts of the above parts, check the vertical deviation of the standard section installed on the lifting platform, and adjust it to meet the requirements. 6. Check whether the ballast (or place the ballast) connection is reliable. Install the hoist and set the grounding device according to the regulations. 7. Put it into the hanging basket, wind the wire rope, and install the linkage safety device. At this point, the lifting platform is basically ready for installation. Send the third group of standard sections into the gondola, raise the gondola to the limit height, then use the rod to install the third group of standard sections, place the lifting pulley on the top of the third group of standard sections, and repeat step 6 to lift the platform. 8. Continue to raise the mast to the specified height for the first use, install the lifting platform on the corresponding height and the parking bracket, then it can be put into trial operation. When the erection height of the mast rises to 6m, the first attachment should be set, and one attachment should be added every 3m thereafter.
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