Concentrate on quality of the construction hoist and suspended platform, never forget original intention!

Any Powerston offices in other countries?
As market preferences and market situations vary from country to country, opening an overseas office will give companies a better chance to identify and exploit opportunities and greater flexibility to cater to customers’ needs in different countries. At Wuxi Powerston Technology Co.,Ltd, our aim is to serve customers globally. With our continuous development in overseas markets, we are going to open our overseas offices to get closer to our customers, better understand their markets, serve them better and create more value for them.

Established in China, Powerston is a large-scale modernized window cleaning platform manufacturer. We have earned years of experience in this field. The BMU PLATFORM series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. construction hoist excels among similar products with its lifting cage materials. Its hoist system will automatically detect the major fault if the platform tilts. Powerston is a professional company specializing in production and sales of suspended platform. It works stably in low- and high-temperature conditions.

Powerston will fully focus on creating a innovative and scientific and techno-logic type company. Contact us!
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