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Application Analysis of Lifting Platform in Modern Logistics

by:Powerston     2021-06-26
In the development of modern logistics, the construction of large-scale warehouses and distribution centers ushered in the development of the logistics era. As the efficiency of the entire logistics development is concerned, the delivery efficiency is the process of delivering to end customers. Shipping efficiency is an important link that affects the development of the entire logistics, and the lifting platform or fixed lifting platform is the most important mechanical device in this link. The lifting platform not only plays a key role in the transportation of goods between floors, but also greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading during the rapid operation of goods. It is also increasingly affecting people's lives in people's daily lives. platforms are widely used in various industries and factories, airports, warehousing, warehouses, factories, terminals, stations and other fields. While the fixed lifting platform greatly improves the work level, it also continuously improves and improves product performance and safety with the continuous changes of people's needs, so as to be more suitable for the needs of today's economic development. So why is it that modern logistics is inseparable from the lifting platform? What are the advantages we need to praise? 1. Highly automated. The development trend of today's lifting platform is gradually showing the direction of automation. According to market demand and the development of the industry, the requirements for lifting platforms are getting higher and higher, from the earliest manual hydraulic to the current electro-hydraulic lifting, and then to the future Automation or induction lifting are both development trends. The demand for manpower is becoming less and less, and the requirements for people are becoming more and more stringent. The blowout demand for high-end talents has also made the application of science and technology more extensive, and has also improved people's cultural level as a whole. 2. Energy saving. Because the hydraulic lifting platform machine only needs electric power to drive the hydraulic pressure when it is working, it does not need other high energy consumption materials, the fuel efficiency is improved, and it is pollution-free, low noise, and conforms to the future development concept of energy saving and environmental protection. These good features of the lifting platform have also been well applied on the elevator itself. 3. Standardization. The installation of the hydraulic lifting platform is inseparable from the rapid development of the Chinese market. From 30 years of barbaric growth to the current state formulation of industry safety regulations, industry certification qualifications, and tonnage rules for special equipment installation and maintenance, etc., it has given the industry a long-term development. Provide a solid guarantee. Fourth, intelligent. Due to the rapid advent of the Internet of Things, the gradual expansion of smart phones to smart homes, smart home appliances, etc. to smart hydraulic lifting platforms is the general direction of future development. Therefore, in the future, the intelligent lifting platform will save more time, provide efficiency, and provide more convenient support for the loading and unloading of materials and equipment! To sum up, in the development of modern logistics, the automation of hydraulic lifting platforms, hydraulic elevators and other series of loading and unloading transportation auxiliary equipment is gradually increasing. In addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, the development of market norms, and the intelligent Internet of Things, these equipment are already inseparable. .
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