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Application and advantages of construction hoist elevator

Application and advantages of construction hoist elevator


Construction hoist elevator is mainly composed by cage, driving mechanism, mast section, attached wall, chassis, fence and electrical system. It is manned and cargo construction machine which general load is 1ton to 5tons, the running speed is 1m/min to 96m/min. It is mainly used for decoration of high-rise building, construction of bridges, chimneys and other buildings.

There are many kinds of building hoist material lift which can be divided into two types according to operation mode: with counter weight and without counter weight. According to the control mode, it can be divided into manual control and automatic control. It can add frequency converter device and PLC control module, also can add floor call device and plat floor device.

The advantages of electric hoist passenger and goods elevator are as below:

(1)   High safety index: the design of mast section top without rack ensure that the hanging cage will not get to roof, limited switch and anti-fall safety device keep workers’ safe.

(2)   The driving system reduces noise in cage, increase the space of cage and makes transmission more stable.

(3)   It is convenient and multi-purpose, greatly improve labor efficiency. Optional frequency inverter enables the running speed stepping from 0 to 96m/min, and running smoothly.

(4)   It can be used in the complex and changeable building.

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