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Assembly factors of hydraulic components of mobile electric elevators

by:Powerston     2021-05-26
The hydraulic components of the mobile electric elevator should be free from brutal operation during assembly. Excessive force will cause the parts to deform, especially the cylinder block, sealing flange, etc., with copper rods. The parts should be carefully inspected before assembly. When assembling, the parts should be dipped in a little hydraulic oil and gently pressed in. When cleaning, use diesel oil, especially rubber components such as seals, dust rings, and O-rings. If you use gasoline, make them It is easy to age and lose its original elasticity, thereby losing its sealing function. It is a professional manufacturer of aerial work platforms, electric lifts, and lifting cage platforms. All products are of high quality and low price. Welcome to buy!
Troubleshooting of abnormal conditions of mobile electric lifts
When the mobile electric lift fails or occurs abnormal conditions, it should be stopped immediately, and the failure and hidden dangers of the accident can be eliminated before it can be put into use again. The main body responsible for the investigation of hidden dangers of mobile electric elevators should strengthen daily inspections and regular inspections, and carefully inspect the steel structure, safety protection devices, electrical devices, and transmission devices of the elevators. Responding to the hidden dangers of mobile elevator production safety accidents discovered during the inspection, order to eliminate them immediately. If safety cannot be guaranteed before or during the elimination of major production safety accidents, the investigation must be serious, the remediation must be resolute, and the results must be Consolidate. Always take hydraulic lifts, electric lifts, aerial work construction lift platforms, hydraulic lift freight elevators as professional products. After long-term research and exploration, we have accumulated rich experience in construction lift manufacturing, committed to product development and innovation, and created with our own professional expertise. high quality product.
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