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Be Attention In Using Of Exterior Decoration Working Platform

Be Attention In Using Of Exterior Decoration Working Platform


A.    Operating environment

1)        Normal ambient temperature: -20c - +40°C.

2)        The relative humidity of the environment shall not exceed 90% (25°C).

3)        The power supply voltage deviates from the rated value by +5% (362v-399v).

4)        When the on-site power supply voltage is within the range of 342V~ 361V or the ambient temperature exceeds 35C or the altitude exceeds 1000 meters, the maximum load of the hanging basket shall not exceed 80% of the rated load.

5)        It is not suitable to operate in corrosive environment such as acid and alkali.

6)        The gust wind speed in the working place is not more than 8.3m/s (equivalent to grade 5 wind).

7)        There should be sufficient lighting equipment on site during night operation, and the illumination intensity should be greater than 150lx.

B.     Announcements of installation for exterior decoration working platform

1)       The distance between the inner side of the two sets of suspension mechanism should be consistent with the length of the suspension platform as far as possible, and should not be less than the length of the platform so as not to affect the use of the safety locks.

2)      The extension length of the front beam should be controlled within 1.1m to 1.3m, and the distance between the front and rear supports should be the maximum. All counterweights shall be placed on the counterweight support pipes.

3)      All bolts and nuts (including wire rope clamps) must be tightened. The spring of the locking pin on the hoist mounting pin shaft must be locked.

4)      The cable plug of the hoist and the plug of the switch should be clearly identified and inserted into the socket at bottom of the electrical control box, do not hard plug to avoid damage

5)       The power supply connected to the electrical box must have zero curve, otherwise it will cause leakage circuit breaker and electromagnetic brake not to work

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