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Briefly describe the cover setting of the electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-14
Briefly describe the protective setting of the electric lifting platform. The electric lifting platform is actually a kind of high-altitude operation setting equipment that integrates dynamics and electricity. The protective device is indispensable. The following is an introduction to the protective device of the electric lifting platform. Which types. 1. In order to prevent the hoisting cage from running to the top leveling, or after the bottom leveling, the hoisting cage will continue to operate due to the failure of the leveling limit switch. It is necessary to set the upper and lower limit protection switches. The upper limit switch is set above the top leveling layer, and the lower limit switch is set below the bottom leveling layer. The switch position should also ensure that the pit buffer and the additional buffer at the top of the hoistway can be compressed during the period when the switch action state can be roughly maintained. After the top or bottom leveling limit switch fails, the cage continues to run the upper and lower limit switch actions, and the power supply is forcibly disconnected to prevent the occurrence of hoisting, the cage rushes to the top, the wire rope is broken, or the squat bottom becomes chaotic. Buffer device The buffer is the last shield device of the electric lifting platform, which acts as a buffer when squatting and reduces the damage to the arrangement of the equipment. When possible, additional buffers should be arranged on the top of the hoistway to play an excellent buffering role during the topping. 2. Secondly, phase failure protection device. Each electric lifting platform shall be equipped with phase failure of the power supply system, phase failure protection device and useful. This can be achieved by increasing the phase-failure protector. After any phase of the power supply is disconnected or the phase sequence is changed, the phase-fault phase protector will act, disconnect the power supply, and start the electric lifting platform. The overload protection device should be different for the goods that need to be loaded. The actual area of u200bu200bthe electric lifting platform cage is not willing to be able to control the cargo over the rated load. Therefore, an overload protection device should be installed at the firm end of the wire rope or on the top of the cage. When the actual weight of the goods reaches the rated load of the electric lifting platform, it is fully loaded and can be operated at this time; the actual weight of the goods exceeds the rated load time of the electric lifting platform, and the overload protection device generates an audible and visual signal alarm, and the electric lifting platform is not allowed to continue to operate. 3. At the end, the buffers on the electric lifting cage platform have hydraulic pressure, spring, polyurethane and other examples. If you need to know the hydraulic buffer, the hydraulic buffer should be equipped with the buffer after the action, and it is not restored to the normal position so that the electric lifting platform cannot be normal. Electrically quiet switch in operation. The choice should be based on the actual environment setting equipment arrangement such as the rated speed and rated load capacity of the equipment arrangement, and the buffer should be firm and firm. 91.
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