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Building Cradle Platform Must Meet Construction Project Plan

Building Cradle Platform Must Meet Construction Project Plan


The installation of building cradle platform must comply with design rules of special safety construction organization. During assembly or disassembly, cooperation is necessary, and must follow the procedures.

Material and workers in the platform should be symmetrically distributed and not concentrated, pay attention to load balance on the cradle platform. Safety wire rope  must be set, diameter and bearing load should be same as lifting wire rope, no less than three rope clips, and joint wire rope can no be used. Connection between lifting wire rope and frame must be stable and firm, protection measures of steel wire rope is necessary. The location of building cradle platform is determined according to actual situation.

In actual use, there are many spare parts of construction hanging platform are difficult to use due to deformation or other reasons. Therefore,  accessories maintenance should be done to increase the service life. 

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