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Can Powerston provide adjustable scaffold platform installation video?
Yes, regarding the installation difficulties, we also provide adjustable scaffold platform installation videos for customers. We ensure the videos are shot in a bright environment in which all the operations can be seen clearly. The videos have a high definition and there is no choppy loading. The installation video is also equipped with English subtitles so that customers can read them once they can't understand the operation. For more information about the product installation, please browse through our website or contact us.

Wuxi Powerston Technology Co.,Ltd is an international, China-based window cleaning platform manufacturing company with a strong production foundation and marketing experience. The construction hoist series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. BMU PLATFORM tend to be more adjustable scaffold platform than other brands. It is widely used for exterior construction. Powerston has enough ability to produce qualified construction hoist with high quality. The product is known for its heavy load-bearing capability.

Powerston will acquire space for survival and development from high quality and large quantities. Please contact.
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