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Can the lifting platform be repaired by itself?

by:Powerston     2021-06-23
The warranty period of hydraulic platforms such as lifting platforms and lifting cage platforms is generally one year. After the warranty period, the manufacturer may have to perform certain fee-based repairs. If it is a simple damage, causing maintenance costs, it is very uneconomical for the customer, so learning the corresponding maintenance knowledge can reduce unnecessary expenditures. 1. If the lifting platform suddenly fails to rise, it is obvious that the motor is idling. In this case, the motor may be reversed. At this time, the two wires of the plug can be reversed to restore the normal lifting of the lifting platform. 2. If the lifting platform cannot be raised and lowered, the reason for the motor reversal is also ruled out, but the parts of the mobile lifting cage platform are normal, and no traces of burning or collision are found. At this time, we can check the brake button on the lifting cage platform If the brake button is pressed, the lifting platform is in a stopped state and cannot be raised and lowered. Just dial it back gently, and the lifting platform can be restored to the lifting state. 3. If there is a sudden power failure during the lifting process of the lifting platform, you can unscrew the valve next to the pressure gauge and release the hydraulic pressure. The lifting platform will automatically lower to ensure the safety of the ascending personnel. The hydraulic lifting platform will continue Troubleshoot the cause of damage to the lifting platform. Regardless of the reason, try to learn the basic maintenance knowledge of the lifting platform. On the one hand, it saves maintenance costs and on the other hand does not delay work efficiency. The above is a few maintenance knowledge summarized by the editor, I hope it can help everyone, if you need to know about the lifting platform equipment, welcome to inquire
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