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Can the lifting platform lift the car?

by:Powerston     2021-06-28
Can the lifting platform lift the car? Some time ago, a customer asked this question. The editor asked about the situation. He said that the parking spaces in the community were tight and I wanted to add another parking space. I said it is ok. This kind of lifting platform for carrying cars is called a car lift. , Similar to the kind of car repairing, this kind of lifting platform, also called the three-dimensional garage, has many structural methods. There are many structural forms of car lifts, including scissor type and guide rail type. No matter which type it is, it is designed to facilitate parking. Scissor-type car lifts are similar to fixed lifting cage platforms. The difference is that auxiliary rails are generally added to prevent the table from violently shaking due to the driving of the car, which may cause danger. The scissor type generally has a low lift height and is designed in a style, and when this type of scissor type is installed, a pit is needed. If it is not convenient to excavate the pit, it is necessary to choose the guide rail type, which is similar to the construction lift freight elevator style, this kind of lift is stable, the construction lift platform itself forms a frame, and the load capacity is relatively large. The design and application of car lifts greatly facilitate the parking of cars, especially when the parking spaces in the community are tight. Some villas are also using this type of lifting platform, which is to dig a pit and put it in the basement. convenient.
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