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Challenges facing the lifting platform machinery industry today

by:Powerston     2021-08-23
Challenges facing the lifting platform machinery industry today my country has become the world's largest manufacturing country. There are 500 major industrial varieties in the world, and the output of 220 products in my country ranks first in the world. After more than 20 years of development in my country's lifting platform machinery industry, lifting platform machinery products such as lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting cage platforms, boarding bridges, and aluminum alloy lifting platforms can basically meet the needs of the domestic high-altitude industry. At present, the export value of my country's lifting platform machinery and equipment is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import value is almost equal to the total output value, which is far from the developed countries. my country’s capacity for independent innovation of some machinery and equipment is not strong, and some key equipment, cores, and key technologies still rely on imports. Some companies do not pay attention to product updates and new product development. Products have been consistently manufactured for decades, with single product specifications and market operations. The narrow scope makes the output of the company's products decrease year by year, and the company's efficiency is also poor. The product competition of various companies is very fierce. The direct consequence of competition is that the market price becomes more and more transparent. Whether it is a large company or a small company, customers only care about two aspects. One is product price, and price is among all factors. The most important part is the company's qualifications and product after-sales service. Since the lifting cage platform machinery industry is in accordance with a standard for product after-sales, basically it is mainly based on the company's production qualifications to judge the strength and reputation of the company. At present, many companies are not doing well in product prices, seriously deviating from the normal price range, asking prices, and some companies seriously disrupting market prices, causing market prices to be in a chaotic situation. The final outcome is the entire lifting platform machinery industry. The vicious competition is not conducive to others nor conducive to their own development. If an enterprise wants to gain a foothold in the market, it must introduce advanced technology, intervene first and then integrate innovation, increase product development efforts, and increase the added value of products. In terms of management methods, it is necessary to give full play to the dominant position of highly-skilled professionals in innovation, to reflect the advantages of talents in the industry as soon as possible, and to enhance the added value and competitive advantage of the brand. Only in this way can we maintain an effective surplus in the import and export trade, and promote the improvement of the industry's overall technical level and performance services. In order to change, the product structure should be market-oriented, change the current situation of low-tech content and low-level competition, and eliminate a batch of low-efficiency, high-consumption, low-grade, low-value-added, and labor-intensive products. Products, strive to develop and produce high-efficiency, low-consumption, large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. Only by improving its own creativity and Ru0026D capabilities can we effectively seize market opportunities and quickly rise in the international environment. 101.
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