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Characteristic structure of electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-14
The characteristic structure of the electric lifting platform The aluminum alloy lifting platform has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, convenient movement, and can be operated by one person on flat ground. The machine is equipped with an overturning bracket, which can tilt the machine through the lower passage. Enter the elevator and work on any floor, which can be adapted to various truck loading and transportation. It has chain protection and self-locking protection functions to enhance safety and reliability. The machine can be operated in two directions, and the working platform provides a 220V AC power jack to provide convenience for operation. The product has single pole and double pole enlarged workbench, AC and battery type. Bring convenience to field operations. In order to ensure the safe use of the lifting platform, in conjunction with relevant regulations and regulations, the safe operation rules of the lifting cage platform are formulated. The use of the lifting platform must be equipped with professional operators who have been specially trained, passed the examination, and have a certificate. The operator of the lifting platform must follow the maintenance regulations of the mechanical equipment and perform various inspections and maintenance before starting the lifting platform. Check the working range of the lifting platform before work, and remove obstacles that hinder the rotation and walking of the lifting cage platform. The support is lifting An important preparation for platform operation is to choose a flat ground. If the foundation is soft or undulating, it must be cushioned with sleepers before the work can be carried out. Generally, the lower arm should be raised first, then the middle arm, and finally the upper arm. During the slewing operation of the lifting platform, the lower arm must be raised to a certain height before it can slew. The slewing should be slow. At the same time, pay attention to whether the distance between the shear arm and the platform and the equipment meets the safety requirements. The operators on the work platform should wear safety belts. When working in a live area, the car body should be grounded according to regulations, the lifting platform should be directed by the person in charge of the work, and the person in charge should contact the operator of the lifting platform in accordance with the signals specified in the GB5082 standard. The signal sent must be clear and accurate. Before the lifting platform is operated, the person in charge of the aluminum lifting platform should provide the operator with technical and safety explanations. The content should include: job content and requirements; safety precautions and dangerous points; personnel division of labor and Limitation of Liability. In addition to inspecting vehicle conditions and operators, the person in charge of the work is also responsible for checking the terrain environment, whether the take-off and landing meet the requirements of safety technical measures or the work plan formulated in advance. If there are discrepancies, the corresponding measures should be formulated before the start working. If this regulation conflicts with national or industry regulations, it shall be implemented in accordance with national or industry regulations. Types and explanations of lifting platform platform is a kind of lifting equipment that lifts people or goods to a certain height. When vertical conveying is carried out in logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses, various flat conveying equipment is often installed on the lifting platform as a connecting device for conveying lines at different heights. It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to transporting goods at different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations. According to the different structures of the electric lifting platform: scissor lifting platform, lifting and shrinking lifting platform, telescopic lifting platform, lifting and shrinking arm lifting platform, folding arm lifting platform. According to different methods of movement: fixed lifting platform, drag-type lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting platform, and drivable lifting platform. Many hydraulic lifting platform manufacturers also produce tire-type bridges and ground-type bridges, which are also included in this type of introduction. Fixed lifting platform: It is a kind of goods lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application range. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line; the material is on and off the line; the height of the work piece is adjusted when the work piece is assembled; the material is fed at a height Machine feeding; lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; loading and unloading of large machine tools; storage and unloading sites and forklifts and other handling vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods, etc. Fixed lifting platforms are optional. Fixed lifting platforms can be configured according to usage requirements. Accessory devices can be combined in any combination, such as safety protection devices for fixed lifting cage platforms; electrical control methods; working platform forms; power forms, etc. The correct choice of various configurations can maximize the function of the lifting platform and achieve the best use effect. 118.
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