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Characteristics and precautions of electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-06
The environmental requirements for the normal use of the lifting platform: when the wind is greater than 3, it is strictly prohibited. The ambient temperature is 5~45 degrees. The ground is solid, not soft, and may collapse. Do not use the weather in the open. Life is a one-way travel, please be strict Do a good job in safety and improve the safe operation of the electric lifting cage platform. The electric lifting platform is a multi-functional lifting loading and unloading mechanical equipment with a lifting height from 1 to 30 meters. Special specifications can also be customized according to user requirements. The electric lifting cage platform has a wide range of uses It can be widely used in factories, automated warehouses, parking lots, municipal administration, ports, electricity, transportation, construction, decoration, logistics, petroleum, chemical industry, hotels, stadiums and other industries, mining, high-altitude operations and maintenance companies. What should be paid attention to during surgery Matters? Please strictly abide by the safety protection measures of the hydraulic electric lifting platform, and understand the safety issues in the use of the electric lifting cage platform. Non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to operate during maintenance. In all installation, assembly and maintenance, remove the hydraulic power of the electric lifting platform The pump station and other components must not have any pressure inside (the pressure value is zero), and there should be no load devices. Before the maintenance of the hydraulic pump station, the electric motor of the electric lifting platform and the power supply of all other electrical equipment must be cut off in advance. All connection and cut-off of power should be operated by professional technicians. Hydraulic pump stations driven by hydraulic pressure, such as pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical, etc., are repaired and disassembled, and all power sources are cut off to ensure that the hydraulic station has no power supply. Electric lifting platform hydraulic Oil has a bad effect on human health, and direct contact with the skin and eyes can cause great harm.
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