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Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding Platform Cradle

Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding Platform Cradle


Aluminum alloy scaffolding platform cradle gives full play to the role of frame combination with good stability, smooth walkway between floors, and the overall structure is stable, reliable, neat and uniform operating environment. In order to ensure that product is not corroded after long time use, the inner and outer surface of the product is hot-dipped galvanized, which improves the anti-corrosion ability and prolongs service life.

Aluminum alloy electric suspended cradle is designed reasonably and used in series, which is convenient for transportation, storage and site management, and creates favorable conditions for standardization and civilized management of construction sites. It is widely used in the construction and maintenance of industrial and civil buildings such as factories, large-scale stadiums, exhibition centers, stages, billboards, shopping malls, stations, docks, airports, bridges, tunnels, subways and shipbuilding.

The general load is to carry two people, but the amount of construction of various projects is different, electric hanging platform can also be different according to the number of different engineering proportion.

How many people the platform can take is according to the load capacity. If load capacity is 400KG, it means the loading weight cannot be more than is, meanwhile, the load capacity depends on the length of hanging platform, also the material weight should be calculated as long as not exceed the specified load.

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