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Classification of outriggers for electro-hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-04
The electro-hydraulic lifting platform can meet the needs of various production applications, but it needs to be equipped with different styles of outriggers. With the continuous advancement of technology, hydraulic lifting cage platforms are widely used in our lives. The more advanced electro-hydraulic lifting cage platform is the electric control hydraulic outrigger. It adopts the crane hydraulic outrigger mode, which can control the device at the push of a button. Of course, it has to bear a relatively high cost. Although simple steel structure outriggers are cheaper, but the use effect is not on par with electro-hydraulic outriggers. Of course, due to different considerations, both of these legs are used by unused production equipment. There are six series of more than 50 varieties, and new products come out every year. The main products are mobile scissor hydraulic lifts, fixed hydraulic lifts, aerial work platforms, lifts, lifting platforms, hydraulic boarding bridges, and mobile boarding bridges. Products such as axles and guide rail elevators are supplied to the world, and are trusted by the majority of users. Welcome to consult and purchase.
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