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Comparison of hydraulic lifting platform and electric hoist

by:Powerston     2021-07-19
Comparison of hydraulic lifting cage platform and electric hoist With the advancement of technology, hydraulic lifting platform has gradually replaced the traditional electric hoist for the transportation of goods. However, in many occasions, there are still many users who choose electric hoists, thinking that it is simple and convenient to operate. Then it is necessary to explain the difference between the hydraulic lifting cage platform and the electric hoist, so that it can be determined according to the actual situation. The first is that the power modes used by the two are different. The hydraulic lifting platform uses hydraulic power. The power supply is used as the auxiliary power to rise. The descent process is all maintained by its own weight without power supply; while the electric hoist needs absolute power regardless of rising or falling. Take control. The second is the difference in the lifting mode. The hydraulic lifting cage platform is raised by the thrust cylinder and the pull of the plate chain; the electric hoist is not. It relies on the winding and retracting of the wire rope for lifting, which is simpler by comparison. But also because of the difference in power and lifting modes, the carrying capacity of the hydraulic lifting platform and the electric hoist are significantly different. The hydraulic lifting platform can be increased or changed to smaller the inner diameter of the hydraulic cylinder according to user needs. In order to achieve the capacity to increase the load; and the load capacity of the electric hoist is very effective, basically not exceeding 1 ton. In addition, the two types of equipment for transporting goods are different in the later maintenance. The later maintenance cost of the hydraulic lifting platform includes not only the wearing parts buttons and hydraulic oil, but also the cost of lubricating oil; and the maintenance cost of the electric hoist It involves the need to replace the entire wire rope, which is costly. It seems that the electric hoist and the hydraulic lifting platform have their own characteristics and are used in different occasions. However, if it is for the lifting and transportation of large goods, it is safer and more reliable to use the hydraulic lifting platform.
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