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Components of a mobile lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-17
Components of the mobile lifting platform The mobile lifting platform is relatively simple and quick to operate, and is an ideal equipment for high-altitude operations. Do you know its related structure? Let me tell you about the structure of the mobile lifting platform. 1. The motor is the power device of the mobile lifting platform. It can move vertically along the column through the rotation of the two motors. The motor has a self-brake device, which can lock the motor on the column when the power is off. The motor moves on the rack of the column through the gear device. In addition, an independent centrifugal anti-fall device is installed on each motor, which can hug the column when the mobile elevating platform accelerates and descend to prevent the T platform from continuing to fall. 2. Safety protection components The main components are safety doors, guardrails, protective covers, scaffolds, platform stairs, etc. The safety door is the passage for the upper and lower platforms, and is installed in the motor L. When the safety door is opened, the sensor senses it. The motor cannot be started. The motor can only be started when the safety door is closed. The guardrail is a welded stereotyped frame, inserted and sleeved on the platform beam. The height of the guardrail is 0.9m, and the bottom is equipped with a foot stopper. There are two lengths. Corresponds to the length of the platform beam. 3. Crossbeam Mobile lifting cage platform The crossbeam is the foundation of the working face of the mobile lifting platform. It is a triangular lattice frame welded by three square steel pipes. There are two different specifications of 1.5m and 1.0m. They are connected by a pin to form different lengths. 4. The upright column is a triangular lattice structure welded by square steel pipes, racks, steel bars, etc., standard section The height is 1.5m, and the vertical direction can reach the specified height through M20×80 bolt connection. The uprights are divided into standard uprights and limit uprights. The limit uprights are mainly used at the bottom and top. When the micro switch on the motor touches the limit block on the limit column, it will stop automatically to prevent. Prevent the motor from hitting the base or going out of the column to cause danger. 5. Base Each data mobile lifting platform base has a chassis made of a welded frame, and five legs on the chassis are used to disperse the load from the column. Four of the five outriggers are placed around the base of the platform, and one is placed in the center of the base of the platform to make the platform more stable. The four extendable legs on the outside should be opened as far as possible when using a single column, so that the stability of the single column mobile lifting platform will be better. The platform is also equipped with four wheels, which can move on the construction site without completely disassembling the mobile lifting cage platform. In addition, there is a cushion rubber shock absorber on the platform base, which can reduce the impact on the base when the Shi_T platform is lowered. 6. There are many types of tires on the mobile lifting cage platform. Pneumatic tires or solid tires can be used. Solid tires are divided into polyurethane wheels and rubber wheels, so that customers can choose from various options. Every component on the mobile lifting platform is indispensable and plays its role. Only when they are coordinated together can they ensure the normal operation of the machine, improve the efficiency of work, and promote the progress of the project.
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