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Construction Material Hoist Used For Transportation

Construction Material Hoist Used For Transportation

Deliver, shipping and serving

Generally, the goods is shipping by sea, the delivery time is about 20-30 days, customized cage will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients. 

All after-sale request will be responded in 24 hours.

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Product feature and application


Construction material hoist has been widely used for transportation for both men and cargo in general buildings, electric power plants, mining wells, oil fields and chemical industries.


By using the frequency conversion device, the lifting speed can be easily control.


Our construction material hoist is known for stable performance, reliable safety, easy transportation and strong adaptability, can greatly enhance work efficiency and reduce workers’ labor intensity.


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Our factory address is : Xuguiqiao village, luoshe town, Huishan district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

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