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Control Measures of Pollution Sources in Hydraulic System of Hydraulic Lifting Platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-18
The pollution source control measures of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting cage platform In order to effectively control the pollution, necessary control measures must be taken for all possible pollution sources. Various hydraulic lifting cage platform parts are inevitable residues after each work link in the process of processing, assembly or maintenance. Pollutants, therefore, effective purification measures must be taken to make the machine parts reach the required degree of pollution. After the machine parts whose pollution degree does not meet the requirements are installed in the hydraulic platform, the inherent pollutants in the machine parts are released into the oil under the action of fluid flow and vibration, and the system is contaminated; the inherent pollutants in the machine parts are often The main cause of early failure. The cleaning and purification of mechanical parts should start from the initial process of processing and manufacturing. Each process requires corresponding purification measures. The purification after the final assembly process is mainly to remove the contaminants brought in during assembly, which can not only reduce the final cleaning Work and the cleanliness of the parts can be effectively guaranteed. After the system is assembled, a comprehensive cleaning is required to remove the contaminants brought in during the system assembly process. The assembled system is cleaned by the circulation method, that is, the liquid flow is used to wash the residual contaminants inside the parts, so that the contaminants are removed from the system. Attach to the surface and release. Now the more complex and precise parts of the system are disconnected with the bypass connection circuit, and then according to the specific conditions, the system’s oil tank and hydraulic pump can be connected to a high-precision large dirt holding capacity filter or an external cleaning device to control the system. For complex systems, cleaning can be divided into several parts or circuits to clean separately. Cleaning generally uses oil with a lower viscosity that is compatible with the system, and increases the fluid flow speed as much as possible to keep the fluid flow in the system loop in a sufficient state. After cleaning to a certain level, connect the disconnected parts to the system Continue to cycle cleaning until the system oil pollution degree reaches the specified requirements.
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