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Crane maintenance and repair

by:Powerston     2021-04-10
, also known as cranes, are multi-action hoisting machinery that vertically lift and horizontally move heavy objects within a certain range. It is an indispensable logistics and transportation equipment to improve material handling conditions and increase labor productivity in the process of modern economic construction and social production activities. It has been widely used in various fields of economic construction. The crane is generally composed of a transmission mechanism (lifting mechanism-to move the article up and down; operating mechanism-to move the crane; slewing mechanism and luffing mechanism-to move the article horizontally), plus a metal mechanism (steel structure), manipulation control, electrical The system, power device and necessary auxiliary devices are combined. This machine is mainly used for lifting, lifting, lowering, moving or unloading into pieces through lifting hooks or other spreaders, and can also lift bulk materials and liquids. For materials, each mechanism is often in the working state of starting, braking and running in forward and reverse directions, and its working mode is intermittent, cyclical, and repetitive. I. The importance of crane maintenance The maintenance and maintenance of cranes are directly related to the safety of the use of cranes. It is an important factor that determines whether the crane equipment can maintain the follow-up vitality, thereby creating more economic benefits. For any mechanical equipment, during long-term use, some parts and connectors will inevitably appear loose, corroded, aging, and damaged due to factors such as vibration and friction. In order to prolong the service life of construction hoists, reduce equipment failure rates, and reduce and eliminate safety hazards, it is very necessary and important for users to perform equipment maintenance on construction hoists on a regular basis. Only by checking, maintaining and maintaining the crane frequently, lubricating the parts that need to be lubricated, fixing the parts that need to be tightened, repairing and replacing the vulnerable parts, etc., can the hidden troubles of the equipment be eliminated in time and the accidents can be reduced. Occurrence rate, so that the crane operates more safely, in order to create better economic benefits. 2. Maintenance and repair of specific parts of the crane 1. Maintenance and repair of the transmission mechanism. Check whether the fixing device of the wire rope meets the requirements, and check whether there is corrosion, broken wire, loose strand, broken strand, bending, kinking, abrasion, flattening, etc. Phenomenon, if it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately; check whether the hook has cross-sectional wear, peeling, cracks, torsion deformation, increased opening degree and other defects, and whether the related pins and sleeves are severely worn; check whether the pulley is equipped with protection Rope-off groove device, whether the pulley rotates flexibly, whether the pulley rope groove and wheel flange have broken edges, wear, cracks and other conditions. 2. Maintenance and repair of the brake device Check whether the mechanism is noisy during operation and whether the heat dissipation is good; check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel; check the brake spring and pull rod for fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects; Check the lubrication of the gearbox, reduction box, external meshing gear, etc. and whether the hydraulic oil leaks; often check whether the oil filter is blocked, and whether the adjustment value of the safety valve changes after use; the friction surface of the brake of each mechanism, There should be no dirt. If there is dirt, it must be washed off with gasoline or thinner; check whether the wheel treads and axles have fatigue cracks, whether the wheel treads and axles are worn out, and whether there is track gnawing during operation. 3. During the maintenance and repair of the metal structure, it is necessary to regularly check whether the main stressed components have overall or partial fatigue deformation, looseness, instability, severe corrosion, cracks, damage, etc., and try to prevent component deformation and damage during transportation. Collision damage; check the connecting bolts or riveting, especially the vibration parts for looseness, defects and other defects; check the structural connections and welds for obvious deformation and cracking. 4. Maintenance and repair of the electrical system. Clean the dust and dirt on the electrical equipment in time to ensure the cleanliness of the distribution boxes, control boxes, brushes and contact surfaces of each part; always check all cables and wires for damage, If the damaged part is found, it should be bandaged or replaced in time; ensure that the contacts of each safety device travel switch are reliably opened and closed, and the contact craters should be polished in time; check whether the crane power supply and each mechanism are equipped with short circuit protection, loss of voltage protection, and zero protection , Overcurrent protection and overspeed and loss of magnetism protection for special cranes.
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