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Crane parts damage analysis

by:Powerston     2021-04-08
It is common for crane parts to be damaged, but many parts need to be replaced during the scrapping stage. Do not use forcefully. One will cause damage to the crane, and secondly, work efficiency will decrease. Please see below for specific scrap standards. What is the scrap standard for wheels? The wheel should be scrapped when one of the following conditions occurs: (1) There is a crack. (2) The thickness of the rim wears up to 50% of the original thickness. (3) The tread thickness wears up to 15% of the original thickness. (4) When the running speed is lower than 50m/min, the line profile can reach 1mm; or when the running speed is higher than 50m/min, the line profile can reach 0.5mm. (5) There are pitting on the tread. When the wheel diameter is less than 500mm, the pitting diameter is greater than 1mm; or the wheel diameter is greater than 500mm, the pitting diameter is greater than 1.5mm, and the depth is greater than 3mm, and the number is more than 5. When the hook is placed in a low position, how many loops of wire rope should be kept on each side of the drum? why? 1) When the hook is placed in a low position, the wire rope on both sides of the drum should be kept at least two turns. 2) Because the wire rope is fixed on the drum by the pressure plate, only two turns can be kept to make the wire rope and the drum Generate a large friction force, reduce the tension of the pressure plate, and prevent accidents caused by pulling the wire rope from the pressure plate or breaking the pressure plate screw when the load is suspended. What are the reasons for the rapid wear of gear coupling gears and the measures to improve their service life? Answer The reasons for the rapid wear of gear coupling gears are as follows: 1) Poor installation accuracy, large deviation of the two shafts, incorrect meshing of internal and external teeth, and large local contact stress. 2) The lubrication is not good. Because it is a connection form without relative movement, the grease cannot be automatically replenished after being squeezed out, so it may be in a state of dry friction to transmit torque, thus accelerating the wear and damage of the tooth surface. 3) Working in a high-temperature environment, the lubricating oil is dried, which deteriorates the lubrication state, and accelerates the wear and damage of the tooth surface. 4) Violation of operating regulations, often reverse braking, and accelerate the damage of gear teeth. The key measures to improve the service life of gear couplings are: improve the installation accuracy of each component, strengthen daily inspections and regular lubrication, and at the same time comply with the improvement of operating regulations and operating technology. What are the reasons that cause the motor to vibrate? The internal reasons that cause the motor to vibrate are: (1) The rotor mass is eccentric; (2) The stator core is not firmly installed in the casing; (3) The motor shaft head is bent or the brake wheel installed on the motor shaft is eccentric; 4) The motor anchor screws are loose; (5) The rotor circuit is in poor contact, or the stator winding turns are short-circuited, resulting in an unbalanced electromagnetic torque; (6) The bearing is worn and the gap exceeds the allowable range. The external reasons are: (1) The motor is not concentric with the driven reducer; (2) The reducer vibrates and is transmitted to the motor connected to it; (3) The rigidity of the motor base steel structure is insufficient. What is the scrap standard for brake wheels? (1) There are cracks; (2) The unevenness of the wheel surface reaches 1mm or the depth of the wheel surface friction reaches 2mm; (3) The rim wear of the brake wheel of the lifting mechanism reaches 40% of the original thickness (4) The brake of the operating mechanism The wheel wear reaches 50% of the original thickness. To what extent should the reducer gear be scrapped? (1) Tooth breakage and cracks; (2) When the gear on the first shaft of the hoisting mechanism reducer wears up to 5% of the original thickness, when the gears on the remaining shafts wear up to 20% of the original tooth thickness, the operating mechanism reducer When the gear on the first inner shaft reaches 10%, the gear on the other shafts reaches 30-40%; (3) The pitting area of u200bu200bthe tooth surface should not exceed 60% of the tooth height and width. What is the main reason for gnawing the Tao? The main reasons are: (1) The wheels are not standard; (2) The track is not standard; (3) Transmission system errors and jams; (4) Deflection and deformation of the frame; (5) Cracks in the metal structure of the beam. What are the hazards caused by rail gnawing? (1) Reduce the service life of the wheel track; (2) Increase the running resistance and increase the energy consumption. In severe cases, the car will not be able to drive; (3) Due to the gnawing of the rail, the whole car will vibrate greatly, causing the fasteners to loosen and It also affects the service life of the plant structure; (4) When the rail is severely gnawed, it may climb on the top of the rail and cause a derailment accident. The role of lubricating oil? Lubricating oil is a liquid lubricant used in various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. It mainly plays the role of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. 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