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Daily maintenance of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-30
The fixed hydraulic lifting platform should be very familiar to some skilled workers, and it is often used in the construction process. Many operators are already familiar with every component of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform. But long-term use and operation, the fixed hydraulic lifting platform will inevitably have dust accumulation, and it is difficult to completely remove the grease stains. But how can we completely remove those grease stains? The editor of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform of Qiangli Platform Machinery Co., Ltd. will tell you. In fact, mastering the correct method can easily solve this problem. First of all, the cleaning oil we use must be the same model as the fixed hydraulic lifting platform, and the temperature of the oil cannot be too high or too low, preferably at 50 degrees Celsius. Between 80 degrees. Use the cleaning oil in the cleaning process to be careful and careful. You can't just wash it. Many people only wash it once and it is over. Remember to wash it three times before filling the oil tank of the fixed hydraulic lifting cage platform with hydraulic oil, otherwise Will affect the service life of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform. It is estimated that many people will find it very troublesome after reading the method to completely remove grease stains from the fixed hydraulic lifting platform of Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., but if you want to make the fixed hydraulic lifting platform have a longer life, you need to do more Some maintenance work will do. Hope to help people in need.
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