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Details of debugging lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-03
The lifting platform needs to be debugged before it is used, so what should be paid attention to during the debugging process of the lifting platform? The editor of the lifting platform will take you to understand in detail. 1. The manufacturer of the lifting cage platform recommends that the operator must wear personal labor protection equipment before work, pay special attention to wearing a safety helmet, work at heights must wear a seat belt, electricians and welders wear insulated shoes, and check all the tools used. 2. Be sure to wear insulated shoes, insulated gloves or stand on an insulated pad before debugging the lifting cage platform, otherwise construction is prohibited. 3. When installing, you should first get in touch with the person in charge of the site construction unit to jointly study the safety measures and safety precautions of both parties in the field work, and jointly observe and implement them. 4. The construction and installation personnel should carefully check the site in time before working to see if there are unsafe factors. If there are unsafe factors, they must be eliminated before they can proceed to work. When working, there must be a sign indicating people working in the mine outside the hall door on each floor. 5. When working in the hoistway, 36V work lights must be used, and 12V tool lights must be used when working in the car. 6. People are not allowed to stop under the workplace, and are not allowed to slide or jump off the scaffolding. 7. During the commissioning, the driver must cooperate with the commissioning personnel, be concentrated, and obey the instructions of the commissioning personnel. 8. When debugging the lifting platform and hoistway operation, it is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking, play around, make jokes, do a good job of collaboration, and supervise the safe work of others. 9. When using gas and electric welding, follow the gas and electric welding safety operating procedures and pay attention to safety and fire prevention.
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