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Development of construction hoist suspension platform

Development of construction hoist suspension platform


Construction hoist suspension platform is not only used in construction, but also widely used in other industries. With the continuous improvement of human science and technology, suspension platform also has great development and improvement in its function, form, type and other aspects.However, in terms of technology, there is still space for improvement that is more humanized and more efficiently. The development of suspension platform can be promoted synchronously with the public development of architecture, and it can even play a further role in other industries.

To be specific, construction hoist suspension platform has yet to be strengthened, and its own weight and lifting weight can be larger.In the current construction site, the working interface of lifting platform, is basically made of 2 mm wall pipe welded. Although its quality is still guaranteed after years of use, there are still some hidden dangers.If the pipe wall is too thin, the connection place cannot be handled perfectly, which may affect the operation of the construction personnel, so it needs to be improved.Protective measures shall be added to the electrical circuits in operation to effectively prevent accidents or disturbances caused by incorrect operation.As a kind of high altitude equipment, the construction hoist suspension platform must pay attention to the safety problem.

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