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Do not adjust the overflow valve of the hydraulic lifting platform by yourself!

by:Powerston     2021-08-27
Do not adjust the overflow valve of the hydraulic lifting platform by yourself!  The function of the overflow valve is generally to maintain the hydraulic lifting platform system from being damaged by excessive pressure. It is generally placed inside the hydraulic pump station with an adjustment valve on the side. Simply adjusting the overflow generation is dangerous. If the pressure in the cylinder or tubing is too high, there may be an explosion failure. As a manufacturer of hydraulic construction lift vibration industry, we remind you that you must communicate with Jinan Longfa hydraulic lift manufacturer in time if there is a problem, and let us issue a solution for you. When do you need to adjust the relief valve? Only when the hydraulic lifting cage platform is loaded but cannot be started, the pressure of the hydraulic system needs to be checked. If the pressure is lower than the normal range, the setting value of the overflow valve should be adjusted. Some customers adjust the factory settings of the equipment by themselves in order to speed up the operation of the hydraulic elevator when the operation of the hydraulic elevator becomes slow. This is not desirable. When the speed of the equipment changes, you must contact the manufacturer of the elevator, Jinan Longfa Hydraulic The elevator manufacturer will send someone to debug for you, or give you instructions over the phone. After the equipment was purchased and used, the speed slowed down due to improper use or aging, and the use of hydraulic hydraulic lifts for dirt. After the speed slows down, first consider the factor of hydraulic oil flow. The factors that affect the flow of hydraulic oil are: hydraulic pipelines, hydraulic valves, hydraulic oil pumps, motor speed control devices, etc. mtgx/92.
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