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Do you know how to distinguish the quality of the lift cylinder?

by:Powerston     2021-06-21
The oil cylinder of the elevator is the core of the elevator, and there is no one. So to judge the quality of an elevator, most of the time is spent on this elevator, so how to distinguish the quality of the elevator cylinder? People who don’t know much about the elevator may think that the number of cylinders determines the quality of the elevator. The more the better, in fact, This is quite a misunderstanding. Lifts are generally a single cylinder. No matter how much it is, it will only increase the failure rate of the lift. There are only two aspects that can really determine the quality of the construction lift cylinder, one is the load condition and the other is the accuracy.  The load condition refers to the low speed under full load or even overload, the lower the speed, the better the cylinder, and in terms of accuracy, it is the accuracy of stopping and opening when the vehicle is empty. The more precise the better, the better. Do you now know how to distinguish the quality of the construction lift cylinder? Is a manufacturer specializing in the production of elevator equipment, committed to providing users with the best products and best services, we will provide you with more knowledge and help you understand the elevator more comprehensively, so that when you choose the elevator And when using the elevator, you will not be so blind and overwhelmed.
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