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Does the electric lifting platform need annual inspection?

by:Powerston     2021-07-04
Does the electric lifting platform need annual inspection?  Annual inspection is an important matter for the normal operation of equipment. Electric lifting platform is a commonly used equipment in production and transportation. Daily monitoring of mechanical equipment is naturally indispensable, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. So, does the electric lifting platform need annual inspection?   Movable lifting cage platform is a general term, generally it can be a mobile lifting platform that uses electric drive, such as scissor lifting platform and aluminum alloy lifting platform and so on. If the machine is used for a long time, it will malfunction. This will not make sense, and the electric lifting cage platform is no exception. In daily use, the motors and components of the electric lifting platform need to be maintained. If maintenance is not carried out, the electric lifting platform will age rapidly in many cases, the parts are easy to rust, the chain is broken, the lifting is unstable, and other sudden events. Will happen. This has seriously affected our daily work, resulting in the work being unable to proceed smoothly, resulting in losses to the company, and possible casualties. Maintenance work should not be careless! The daily work of many factories is very tight, and customers often call us Lu Xin to repair the hydraulic lifting platform. Most of this situation is caused by their daily failure to maintain and repair, so even if it is more compact work, Our Luxin lifting cage platform reminds customers that the electric lifting platform is best to be overhauled once a month, and the hydraulic lifting platform is best to change the hydraulic oil every six months to prevent the deterioration of the hydraulic oil and the failure of lifting and other problems.   Then we return to the topic of the topic, does the electric lifting platform need an annual inspection? The answer is no, because the electric lifting platform is not a special equipment, it can be used by general factories or individuals. Although the electric lifting platform does not require annual inspection, each customer must insist on a small inspection for the electric lifting platform every month, such as Whether the chain is rusty, whether the motor is damaged, whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient and whether it has deteriorated, etc. For manned electric lifting platforms, we must pay more attention to inspection and maintenance, not only to protect the interests of the company, but also to protect the lives of individuals.
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