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Electric lifting platform maintenance sequence

by:Powerston     2021-07-18
Maintenance sequence of electric lifting platform There are many precautions for daily maintenance of electric lifting cage platform. Sometimes everyone is in a hurry. Don't worry, the editor will give you tips and teach you all-round maintenance. First, maintain the hydraulic system: ① There is no oil leakage in the machine parts and gear box. ②Whether there is noise when the motor is working ③Whether the oil pipes and oil seal parts are well sealed. Second, maintain the electrical part: ① Whether the lifting platform is properly grounded. ②The automatic leakage protection switch works normally (30mA). ③Check whether the electrical box and cables are damaged. Maintain the frame structure again ①The connecting bolts of the electric lifting platform are not loose. ②No deformation of various structures. ③The steel wire bolts are well fixed and the quality meets the daily use requirements of the electric lifting cage platform. ④Limiting devices, ladder cage doors, and enclosure doors must be intact and not damaged. ⑤The power cable of the hydraulic lifting cage platform must be intact and not damaged. ⑥ There is no obstacle within the operating range. ⑦ Whether the paint of the electric lifting platform falls off, it should be repaired in time.
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