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Emergency treatment during construction of electric lifting platform

Emergency treatment during construction of electric lifting platform


We should stay calm and take the corresponding emergency measures when the following special situations happen in the construction of the electric lifting platform.

1.     Sudden power failure in construction

In case of sudden power failure during construction,  the power switch of the power box should be cut off immediately to avoid accidents during power transmission. After the power is turned on, the power switch should be closed again and the operation should start after normal check. If it is necessary to  return to the ground after power failure, lift the manual slide handles together to lower the suspension platform to the ground.

2.     The suspension platform cannot be suspended after releasing the button in the process of lifting and lowering.

When the suspension platform is still unable to stop after releasing the button in the process of rising or falling, it shall immediately press the red emergency stop switch on the electric box door to make the suspension platform stop urgently. Then disconnect the power switch of the electric box, check the condition of the contacts, and clean up the oil, dirt and impurities adhering to the contacts. After contacts can recover by pressing , close the power switch, and rotate the emergency stop switch to make it reset and continue to operate. If the problem still can not be solved,  disconnect the power switch, slide suspended platform down to the ground for maintenance.

3.      The safety lock should be open when operation. It is in the status of automatic operation without manual operation. Its function is actively lock on the safety wire rope to secure safe when the platform is sliding down over speed caused by hoist motors is breaking down. It is forbidden to open the handle with rigid vibration when the safety wire rope is tight to avoid damage to the safety lock. Do not start the machine when the safety lock is closed because it is easy to cause serious damage to the hoist.

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