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Emergency Treatment of construction hanging platform

Emergency Treatment of construction hanging platform


1.   During night operation, construction site should be fully illuminated. Safety device, electric panel box, steel wire rope and safety ropes should be protected against moisture and corrosion.

2.   The electric power voltage must be 380V, three-phase and five-wire grounding power.

3.   Bearing strength of suspension mechanism shall not be less than 1500kg/m2.

4.   The electric lifting gondola can not be used within the range of 10m from high-voltage line.

5.   If there is a road under construction scope, a warning line or a safety corridor must be set under working platform, also warning signs and safety supervisors should be set up.

6.   All kinds of protruding obstacles should be clear signed with warning. It is forbidden to open windows during lifting operation.

7.   In severe weather environment with thunderstorm, fog, heavy snow and wind speed higher than 10.8m/s (equivalent to 6 wind dusts), it is strictly prohibited to use construction working platform.

8.   When working platform tilts, we can take following measures:

If working platform need to be adjusted more than twice during the whole one-way operation of ascending or descending, it should be lowered to the ground, check and adjust the brake gap of motor hoist to meet requirements, and test synchronization performance of both hoists. If difference is too large, motors should be replaced by better synchronization performance.

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