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Explain how to use the flatbed battery to make the life longer

by:Powerston     2021-09-03
The electrolyte of lead-acid batteries for electric flat cars is as precious as the blood in the human body. Once the electrolyte is lost, the battery will die. The electrolyte is composed of dilute sulfuric acid and water. During the charging process, it is difficult to avoid water loss. Different charging methods lead to different water loss. In the normal three-stage charging method, the water loss during the charging process is more than twice that of the Colin pulse mode! In addition to the natural life of the battery, there is also the life loss of water. If the battery loses more than 90 grams of water, the battery will be scrapped. As the main power source of electric flat cars, batteries always affect the working efficiency of electric flat cars. Therefore, the daily maintenance of batteries has become an important means. In the process of using electric flat cars, many consumers are often troubled by the lack of battery water and battery life. In the constant current stage, the charging current is constant, the charging current increases rapidly, and the voltage rises. In the constant voltage charging stage, the charging voltage remains unchanged, the charging current increases, and the charging current decreases. When the battery is full, the current is lower than the floating charge conversion current, and the charging voltage drops to the floating charging voltage; during the charging phase, the charging voltage maintains the floating charging pressure. The first stage of normal three-stage charging is constant current charging, which mainly considers the convenience of circuit design, rather than the best battery performance design. According to the analysis of the battery oxygenation curve, the gas in the three-stage charging process is generally analyzed: the later stage of the constant current charging and the constant voltage charging, the current exceeds the critical gas curve analysis, and the reason analysis is that the battery life is reduced. The current of the West German ultra-filter element will only cause the battery to generate gas and increase the temperature, but will not become the battery power source, thereby reducing the charging efficiency. The current bifurcation is very large, and it is more likely to cause the imbalance of the battery pack.
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