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Factors influencing the quotation of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-06
The quotations of cargo lifting platforms are different, and there are many factors affecting the quotation. The machinery has summarized several major factors in the production process for many years. Let us share with us below: 1. The quotation of cargo lifting platforms depends on the regionality. Above, from south to north, the quotation will gradually increase. Extending to the northeast or southwest, the freight will gradually increase on the basis of the increase in the quotation, which also directly forms a significant comparison. 2. The quotation of the lifting platform At the time of order, the quotation of the lifting platform will be determined according to the order cycle of the product. Compared with the lifting platform and lifting channel, it is difficult for many customers to purchase the corresponding product model when purchasing. Because many customers purchase It should be used within the limited time, so the product supplier with fast delivery and short delivery time will be preferred. 3. The price of the lifting platform quotation, and the quotation of the lifting cage platform also depends on the price of the product. Products with different raw material standards , The functions, lifespans, and safety performance used are different. When purchasing lifting platforms and lifting channels, many people only pay attention to quotation, thus neglecting safety and durability. Relative to the production of lifting platforms and lifting channels Look, Sino-US joint ventures use higher amounts of raw materials, fine workmanship, and stronger safety than domestic ones. In terms of quotation, there is a big difference between buying domestic lifting platforms and Sino-US joint ventures. Recommended reading: fixed How many steps are there in the installation process of a vertical lifting cage platform? The purchase volume of cargo lifting platforms is usually reflected in dealers and large-volume customers. Usually, you may only purchase 1 or 2 units when purchasing by yourself. This kind of quotation will not be much higher than the quotation provided by the manufacturer. Floating. For customers who purchase 10 units at a time, or even for a long time, the cargo lifting platform manufacturers will greatly reduce the quotation or add rebates based on the purchase volume, so as to maintain customers
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